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I. Getting Started

Let's confirm that we service your location.

II. Your Vehicle

Tell us about your electric vehicle and your installation needs.

III. Your Home

Please answer a few questions about your property.

IV. Your Electrical Loads

Now we'll calculate your home's current electrical load.

V. Submit Photos

A few quick photos will help us understand your installation needs and provide an accurate estimate.

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You have been referred to Qmerit Electrification for your EVSE installation by OK2Charge. Qmerit’s platform will collect your name and contact information to provide you with a price quote and to begin the process of having a Certified Installer install your charger. Qmerit’s collection of your name and contact information is subject to the Qmerit Privacy Policy. At the conclusion of your installation, we will share your contact information with OK2Charge so that OK2Charge can contact you to discuss utilizing their services in order to manage the usage and monetization of your charger. By proceeding forward and providing your contact information to Qmerit, in addition to any other terms in our Privacy Policy, you consent to Qmerit sharing your contact information with OK2Charge, and you consent to allow us to indicate to OK2Charge that you have completed your installation. Once that information is provided to OK2Charge, usage of your contact information by OK2Charge would be subject to OK2Charge’s Privacy Policy. If you do not wish for us to share this information with OK2Charge, please do not proceed forward to use the Qmerit Platform from this landing page. You may still use Qmerit’s services by beginning your customer journey at Qmerit.com.

DISCLAIMER: Upfront pricing estimates are based on standard home configurations, including your electrical panel and charging locations. If your garage and panel configuration do not fit one of the upfront pricing tiers, your installation may require a custom proposal which will be prepared by one of our certified installers. To receive a custom proposal, we will collect a deposit which is applied toward your installation costs but is fully refundable if you choose not to proceed with the installation.