October 26, 2021

Are You Positioned for Growth in Renewable Energy? A Checklist for Electrical Contractors


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Savvy electrical contractors are reaping tremendous rewards by expanding their services in the renewable energy field. Residential solar panel installation is continuing to grow, and electrical contractors have learned that embracing new technologies such as solar integration with battery storage in renewable energy is a lucrative undertaking. A fairly recent but still golden opportunity has presented itself in the form of installing at-home electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. With every new EV sold, a new customer is born who needs a home charging station.

The demand for not only EV charging stations but also services like battery storage systems, solar integration and smart panels will increase as well. Also, contractors can even take advantage of recurring revenue streams from maintenance contracts on their installs.

In response, the electrical contracting business has evolved and must continue to do so in order to benefit from this exciting new revenue stream. This checklist will help you understand if you are ready.

Renewable energy checklist

Your checklist can be simplified into three main areas: Positioning, operations and workforce. It is these three segments that hold the keys to understanding if you are ready to reap the rewards of the renewable energy field.


Preparation is vital. Contractors need to place their businesses in a favorable situation as a local market leader in electrification. Contractors should be positioned to provide premium installation and integration services while offering the highest level of customer service. So, here are questions you need to answer to position your business for success.

1. Is your company aligned with renewable energy trends?

It is important to keep up with emerging technologies and stay updated on the most modern products in order to stay relevant, competitive and profitable. In other words, as the industry moves towards electrification, you must always improve and adapt to your customers’ new needs.

2. Are you negotiating long-term contracts and partnerships in your area?

You need dedicated partners and suppliers who share your vision and mission. Long-term contracts and partners support financial stability and help you develop loyal relationships that you can rely on in the future for mutual success and growth.

3. Does your marketing reflect a commitment to sustainability and related solutions?

Your company should be proactive and flexible. In other words, it should be ready to participate in the modern trend toward renewable energy technologies. Take a look at your services. You should be putting your company in a place where installing at-home EV Charging Stations, Smart Panels and solar-battery storage integration is as routine as wiring a new home or upgrading a main breaker panel.

This commitment to environmentally conscious solutions will prove to potential customers and partners that you are in tune with the industry’s needs.

Your advertising should always reflect that you are a company capable of installing a Level 2 EV charging stations for at home charging. You want to be in a good place to take advantage of opportunities in the renewable energy evolution.


Once you have properly positioned your company, it is now time for you to execute your business strategy. This is the nuts and bolts of your business. Your standard operating procedures (SOPs), a well-built supply chain and strategic partnerships will ensure your success. Let’s look at what you’ll need.

Do you have a process to introduce new technologies at a rapid pace?

How quickly can your business processes adapt to the rapid changes in technology? You have done a thousand panel upgrades, but now you need the training, tools, equipment and materials necessary to integrate smart panels with an EV charging station. Do you have goals and steps in place to get your workforce up to speed?

How automated are your daily operations?

Are your SOPs automated and seamless? Bidding, scheduling and completing a job for integrating solar into a battery storage system should be as hassle-free as a traditional job. In the end, the more streamlined you are, the more time you’ll have to dedicate to bigger-picture tasks like business growth and electrification training.

Is your supply chain robust enough to support the transition?

What about your tools, materials and equipment? You need a reliable supply chain to provide parts and materials from trusted suppliers. You need uninterrupted flow and consistent value so you can keep up with the demands of your customers. With a supply chain management partner like Raiven, you can find the materials and supplies you need, all from one place. So, you can worry less about rogue spending and focus on utilizing your preferred suppliers for maximum savings.


Your personnel is the core of your business. Your electricians will dictate your future success or failure, so prepare them with the necessary training and tools they need to offer value to today’s consumers.

Do you have programs that help your electricians develop skills?

Do you have a program to develop the skills of your electricians? Can they install at-home EV charging stations? You already do panel upgrades, but can you integrate smart panels and solar them with a battery storage system? If you are going to break into the renewable energy field, it is important that you are competent and proficient at providing the services you offer.

Are you attracting new talent? Does your workforce keep up with highly specialized niches in energy services?

You also need to bring new people on board and bring them up to speed quickly. The niches in renewable energy services are highly specialized. Qmerit can help you stay competitive with our Certified Solutions Partner (CSP) program.

How Qmerit can help

Qmerit can help you with long-term workforce development through our CSP program. CSP members can take advantage of training and coaching resources for guidance on human capital trends and best practices in electrification. You will also receive regular updates on emerging technologies and how to profit from them.

Additionally, Qmerit can help you build your customer base through access to a pipeline of pre-approved customers, including referrals from EV industry leaders such as Audi, Jaguar, General Motors, Mercedes, Jeep, Electrify America, ChargePoint, Wallbox, and more.

Qmerit’s CSP members also enjoy excellent savings on parts and equipment with our partnership with Raiven.

If you are not already installing @Home EV charging stations, then you are already behind in the renewable energy game. So, start working on your checklist today and contact Qmerit to learn more about how we can help you.

Author: Lowry Stoops

Lowry Stoops

President, Qmerit Network