June 30, 2021

Finding New Roles for Electrical Contractors in Emerging Green Energy


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Like a massive destructive wave, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe full force in 2020. Fortunately, it is receding, and life is getting back to normal. The disruption of economies, businesses and families was devastating, but 2021 is showing promise and opportunity on the horizon, especially for electrical contractors in emerging green energy. Indeed, the demand for electrical contractors remains strong, and new opportunities are plentiful. However, they also bring their own challenges. The ability to adapt, learn new skills and stay current with emerging technologies will be critical for you to remain competitive.

Renewable emerging green energy opportunities

Renewable energy has been a topic of conversation for many years. Examples include solar, wave and wind energy.

Solar arrays are becoming more ubiquitous across the country. Moreover, their availability and cost are rapidly getting closer in line with traditional fossil fuel energy sources. This means that more homeowners and small business owners will be able to purchase and install renewable energy solutions with relative ease.

This energy evolution is a catalyst for business endeavors. New business sectors have evolved, and these have created lucrative opportunities for the enterprising electrical contractor.

Maturing technology opportunities

  • Motor vehicles – As this sector advances and moves towards electric vehicles (EV), there are massive opportunities for you to exploit.
  • Building automation –Building owners realize they can run more efficiently and save money with automation and software integration. This can provide you with steady work.
  • Internet of things – Homeowners want smart homes, which increases the value of a home and provides you with opportunities for installs and upgrades.

New customer needs and market demands

Customers like to stay current and keep up with new technology. Plus, the desire to have less of a negative impact on the environment is on the rise. This also means buying new products and adapting new systems to their homes, like solar and wind installations. When the market demands new technology and new services, there is a need for electrical contractors who can rise to the challenge.

A great example of customer needs and market demands is at-home EV charging installations. As more EVs enter the market, there will be an equal need for at-home charging stations. This is where electrical contractors like you can quickly fill the gap and create more revenue.

However, taking advantage of such opportunities will require skills and enhanced education.

Skills to develop

New technology necessitates skills to install, maintain and upgrade the products. This takes work and organizational change. Electrical contractors should ready themselves accordingly. Make time to learn new skills and research as much as possible.

  • Installation services – As customers request charging solutions or solar arrays for their residences, you must have the know-how and experience to handle these requests. Furthermore, you must not only install these highly specialized units but also maintain them.
  • Merging trade skills– Installing panels or upgrading lighting are basic tasks that can be done with little thought. However, more advanced technology requires knowledge as well as specialized tools. This means the traditional will need to merge with the digital. For example, you may need new computer skills, practice with complicated applications and training on brand new systems.

The end result will be a well-rounded contractor that will attract more business.

Transitioning into emerging green energy as an electrical contractor

Green energy is here to stay. It will soon be the norm across the world, so smart contractors will want to stay with this curve to take advantage of the new business and big profits that will surely follow. Here’s what needs to happen:

Adapt and refocus your business

You can’t do what you have always done and expect to stay competitive in emerging green energy. To stay current with trends, a change in both marketing strategy and business process may be required. This means everything from staff training to seeking new contracts and relationships, likely beyond your usual comfort zone.

Overcome the obstacles

New technology will no doubt bring unique problems. In addition, developing skills and meticulous research takes time and dedication. Furthermore, it’s hard to turn an entire organization on a dime. But realizing the big profits that can be made will make the ambitious contractor like you take these challenges head-on and enjoy the rewards.

This is why Qmerit developed a program that helps electrical contractors transition into emerging green energy through EV charger station installations.

Partner with Qmerit to make the transition

Qmerit helps you make the transition smooth and simple. When you partner with our team, you will inherit the most qualified and skilled trainers and coaches that will help refocus your traditional electrical contracting business to a new and improved modern business.

Our Certified Solutions Partner program will help transform your crew and arm you with the necessary business training. It will also connect you to pre-approved customers that are in need of EV charging stations. This will provide you a steady pipeline of business and will enable you to grow your customer base. Moreover, you will also have access to special pricing and discounts on the electrical components that are needed for your new work. When you save on products, more profit comes your way.

If you are ready to transform your business, tap into the new energy economy, reap big profits and learn new skills, reach out to Qmerit today to learn more.