September 14, 2021

How Qmerit Helps Home Based Fleet Managers Take Control of EV Charging Installations


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A change is coming. More fleets are embracing electrification to cut their costs and reduce their carbon footprint. While this transformation has been limited to larger vehicles, the electrification of light fleet vehicles is catching up as EV charging installations at home allow drivers to wake up to a full battery and hit the road without heading to a centralized facility first.

Thanks to this viable solution, the 8.5 million EV fleet vehicles on the roads around the globe could grow to 115 million by 2030.

Installing home charging stations is an attractive solution for fleet managers. However, there are some challenges to consider, including handling installation and maintenance costs, working with trustworthy electricians, keeping drivers safe, and coordinating electrification on a large scale for fleets with a national presence.

Here’s how Qmerit can help with these common fleet electrification challenges.

Cost considerations

Cutting costs is one of the main benefits of electrification, with a 200-mile charge costing an average of $9. At Qmerit, we understand that initial costs can be a barrier to electrification. That’s why we prioritize offering competitive pricing for installing charging stations.

After two decades of providing this service, we are familiar with the nuances in building, fire and electrical codes. We also know about local permit fees and can apply for the right permits in advance to streamline the installation process. You’ll know exactly how much the different permits will cost, and there won’t be a risk of EV charging installations that don’t meet local requirements.

We also have a proprietary platform we use to manage new installations. It’s a well-rounded process that we have been improving and fine-tuning over the past two decades to deliver a cost-effective experience and complete your project on time and on budget.

Quality and safety

Electrification is a significant investment for your fleet. We understand that you need a reliable network of charging stations to get the most out of your EVs while ensuring the safety of your drivers.

We deliver quality and safety by working with a network of trusted installers across the country. In fact, we put these installers through a thorough vetting process and verify that they are properly licensed and insured. Regardless of where your drivers are, we can dispatch certified installers to ensure your @Home Charging stations meet high-quality standards.

With over 150,000 installations for our @Home EV charging stations, our certified installers have seen plenty of home configurations. So, they can assess each driver’s situation and choose the best approach for a safe and reliable installation. This includes upgrading old electrical panels, completing indoor and outdoor installations, and working with multi-unit buildings.

Kickstart your EV charging installations with Qmerit

Did you know that 80% of EV charging happens at home? Having access to an @Home EV charger is the most convenient option for fleets that want to go electric since drivers can leave their vehicle plugged in overnight.

You can kickstart your fleet’s electrification with our Charge@Home for Fleet™ installation solutions. We’ll work together to create a transition strategy that makes sense for your goals. And, we’ll deliver a transparent experience every step of the way so that you know exactly how much your project will cost. Contact us today to learn more about @Home charging stations.

Author: Ken Sapp

Ken Sapp

Qmerit- SVP, Business Development