February 26, 2024

Qmerit to the Rescue After Poor Installation Sparks Home EV Charging “Nightmare” (Video)

Less than 1 Min. Read

You already know that home EV charging stations require professional installation.

But sometimes it’s not enough to ensure your installer is a licensed electrician. As one Texas homeowner found out the hard way, if your EV charger installer is not specifically trained on EV charging technology, they could be making dangerous mistakes.

Watch how Qmerit partnered with Tom Moloughney—host of YouTube’s “State of Charge”—to quickly diagnose the problem and fix the faulty EV charger installation to get this grateful EV driver back on the road with safe, reliable home charging.

Don’t put your home and family at risk! When it comes to EV charging, there’s no one more trusted or reliable than Qmerit. Get your estimate now for safe, high-quality, hassle-free installation by a Qmerit-certified EV charging specialist.