Commercial Charging Simplified

Turnkey Solutions for Multifamily, Hospitality & Workplace Charging

The electric vehicle revolution is here.

Millions of Americans are switching to EVs, creating a surge in demand for charging at the places where drivers spend their days and nights. Adding the EV charging capabilities they need can help commercial property owners attract and retain residents, employees, tenants and guests.

Overwhelmed by the complexities of EV charging?

Qmerit simplifies your charging project while creating revenue opportunities and connecting you with financial incentives to offset the cost of your investment. Our turnkey solutions streamline the entire process, from site assessment through project design, expert installation and ongoing operations and maintenance.

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Partner with Qmerit to simplify EV charging at your:

car charging at a public charging station

Multifamily Property

Provide the home charging capabilities your residents need to start each day with a full battery and peace of mind.

car charging at a public charger

Hospitality Venue

Meet a critical need for your guests and business clients while tapping into the booming EV charging market.

car charging at a public charging station


Support your EV-driving tenants and employees, and position yourself as an ESG leader with Qmerit Charge@Work™ solutions.

How can Qmerit simplify your EV charging project?
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