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EV Charging for your
Commercial & Workplace Properties

Let JLL and Qmerit simplify your EV charging project.

There are many real estate and infrastructure considerations when supporting EV charging needs. Organizations need both a comprehensive strategy for their portfolio as well as turnkey solutions to get chargers installed now. JLL’s end-to-end capabilities span from strategy to execution, enabling clients to leverage EVs as a critical aspect of meeting their net zero carbon ambitions.

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Is a turnkey solution the best fit for you?

The scope of your project will determine the path to take. 
If the property is part of an owned real estate portfolio, or if you are looking to support fleet electrification, organizations will be able to realize significant financial savings through the development of a portfolio-wide strategy that takes advantage of a comprehensive hardware and software solution, incentives, and green financing opportunities. In this case, contact Jay Wilson j.wilson@jll.com and the Sustainability Consulting team to develop a holistic EV strategy. JLL’s EV Strategy & Implementation Management service offering includes a review of portfolio demand and physical infrastructure requirements, selection of hardware and software, business case analysis, a procurement plan, and construction project management.
However, for many organizations, charging infrastructure is needed at a single property to address immediate operational need. For those situations, JLL has partnered with QMerit, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, to deliver a streamlined EV procurement and installation solution. QMerit is a trusted leader with a nationwide network of certified installers. Together we can offer turnkey hardware selection, permitting, and installation.

Ongoing Operations and Maintenance Support

Qmerit’s ongoing Operations and Maintenance services provide peace of mind long after installation is complete. We also offer expert guidance and implementation solutions for additional state-of-the-art technologies as you continue on your electrification journey. Find out more.

Ready to move forward with your solution?

Turnkey Solutions for your Commercial Property

Across North America, Qmerit provides commercial or multifamily properties owners with seamless EV charging implementation solutions that deliver the highest levels of safety and service quality. It all starts with a streamlined assessment process.

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Submit Your Digital Assessment

Provide some information about your property and charging needs, photos of key locations and electrical equipment, and a recent utility bill.

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Schedule Your Site Review

Our expert charging implementation team completes the review as efficiently as possible, equipped with your responses from Step 1.

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Get Your Estimate

Receive a comprehensive proposal for your turnkey charging solution from Qmerit’s project design team.

Helpful Tips for Completing Your Assessment

  • It’s best to use your smartphone since you will be submitting pictures of your electrical panel and garage. Make sure all pictures are taken clearly to avoid delays.
  • The assessment may take around 15 minutes to complete, depending on the configuration of your home. You can choose to save your progress and continue later anytime by clicking on the “Save Progress” button.

Ready to begin our opportunity assessment process?


Why Qmerit?

Charge Ahead with the Leader

Qmerit is North America’s leading provider of implementation solutions for EV charging and other electrification technologies. It’s our mission to simplify the energy transition—the shift away from fossil fuels to a more sustainable, resilient, electric-powered future.

  • Unparalleled
    National Network

    Qmerit’s network of certified electricians covers over 2,000 locations in North America, combining local expertise with extensive training on complex EV charging systems.

  • Proven
    Track Record

    Our team’s successful history includes over 150,000 charger installations and decades of experience managing commercial energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Trusted by
    Top Brands

    Leading auto and EV charging manufacturers partner with Qmerit for installation services. They know we’ll make the process easy for their customers while protecting their brands.

  • Industry-Leading
    Customer Satisfaction

    Qmerit’s Net Promoter Score—the gold standard for gauging customer loyalty—ranks among the highest in field service operations.