Workforce Development

Qmerit will equip you and your team with the expertise you need to become your local market’s leader in electric vehicle charging installation and other electrification services. As a Certified Solutions Partner (CSP), you also gain access to a skilled labor pool to keep up with growing customer demand.


The exclusive online Qmerit Resource Center offers you training, tutorials and updates on the emerging technologies you’ll be working with. That includes convenient access to the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP). A growing number of jurisdictions are requiring EVITP certification, which will also be critical for EV charging projects funded through recent federal legislation.

Qmerit’s staffing and recruiting resources will connect you with new employees, whether you’re looking for experienced electricians or entry-level candidates with high potential. We draw on diverse sources of talent including partnerships with staffing services, colleges and technical schools, as well as state and federal training programs.

Qmerit’s workforce development experts will offer you guidance on human capital trends and best practices. We empower our CSPs with workforce strategies specific to the electrification space to increase team productivity and retention.

Our sophisticated customer feedback platform enables you to monitor employee performance and provide needed training and support in order to ensure you’re delivering the highest quality service. The superior service customers receive is a powerful competitive advantage for companies in the Qmerit network.

Explore Exclusive Benefits for Our CSP Team

Pre-Sold Jobs Pre-Sold Jobs Pipeline of customers seeking your services—at no sales cost to you
Workforce DevelopmentCurrent Page Workforce Development Recruiting and training technicians, plus annual continuing education and recognition programs
Business Coaching Business Coaching Expert advice to grow your top and bottom lines
Technology Leadership Technology Leadership Updates on the latest technologies and how to profit from them
Purchasing Program Purchasing Program Save big on the parts and equipment you’re already buying

Join our CSP network—and become an electrical service contractor for the 21st century.

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