Battery Energy Storage

Enjoy electric bill savings and dependable outage backup.

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Gain Independence from the Grid

Battery energy storage systems are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners as power outages grow more frequent due to grid fragility and increasingly severe weather events. These systems feature large-capacity rechargeable batteries (usually lithium ion) and are scalable to keep pace with your energy needs. They’re often mounted on garage walls, but can also be installed outdoors in warmer climates.

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What’s Next on Your Electrification Journey?

Solar & Smart Panels

With rooftop solar panels, you can charge your battery storage system at no cost. Adding a smart electrical panel allows you to control all your electrification technologies from your smartphone.

Solar Panels

Generate clean power that you can use yourself or sell back to the grid.

Smart Panel

Monitor and manage your energy use, including when your house runs on grid electricity vs. battery storage.

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