Solar Panels

Run your home on clean energy or sell it back to the grid.

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Savings. Sustainability. Self-Reliance.

As electricity rates continue to rise and power outages grow more frequent, rooftop solar systems are helping homeowners save money and become more independent. Producing your own emission-free solar power also reduces the carbon footprint of your energy consumption.

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Solar Panel Resources

Learn about rooftop solar and its role in home electrification.

Solar Panels
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Solar Panels
April 20, 2022

A Complete Guide to Electrification

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What’s Next on Your Electrification Journey?

Battery Energy Storage & Smart Panel

Maximize your solar investment by adding a battery storage system, which lets you store some of the energy you produce to use when it makes the most sense for you. A smart electrical panel allows you to coordinate your solar panels, battery storage and other electrification technologies.

Battery Energy Storage

Store power to use during peak hours when utility rates are higher—or if the grid goes down.

Smart Panel

Monitor and manage your energy use and automate when your home runs on battery vs. grid power—all from your smartphone.

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