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Help Your Commercial Customers Maximize Their EV Charging Investment


Ensuring Charger Uptime Is More Critical Than Ever.

For decades, drivers have pulled into gas stations with no worry about pump failures. Today’s new wave of electric vehicle owners will expect no less when they roll up to your commercial customers’ EV charger banks.

At stake is more than a charged battery. If you’re an EVSE OEM or charge point operator, you know ensuring a seamless charging experience can help your customers power up driver satisfaction and new revenue streams.

Only licensed electricians can perform electrical work.

Consistently delivering a flawless charging experience requires timely electrical services. That means rapid repairs when electrical components fail and routine maintenance to prevent breakdowns in the first place. Currently, only licensed electricians have the tools and training to diagnose and repair Level 2 and 3 EV chargers—for the safety of both EV drivers and those performing the work.


Expert Maintenance Services from the Industry Leaders

Qmerit’s charger maintenance services are built on the same foundation that made us the clear industry leader in EV charging installations: our proven distributed workforce management platform and coast-to-coast electrician network. Our certified network is the nation’s largest—and the only one purpose-built for the electrification revolution. Qmerit offers your customers a broad range of charger maintenance solutions tailored to meet their needs and budgets. With all service levels, we can also provide customized logistics support for repair parts and replacement chargers.

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Full Suite of Maintenance Solutions

on demand services@2x
On-Demand Services

Qmerit provides repair services for issues including:

  • Station connectivity problems
  • Internal faults/errors
  • Connector/cable issues
  • Screen and credit-card reader malfunctions
  • Damage from vandalism and accidents
warranty support@2x
Warranty Differentiation

Your warranty is your commitment to your customers. Qmerit helps you over-deliver on that promise with guaranteed response times that elevate your brand above the competition.

preventative maintenance@2x
Preventative Maintenance

Qmerit performs regular maintenance activities, including monitoring and remote diagnostics, on a schedule that minimizes unexpected failures.

predictive maintenance@2x
Predictive Maintenance

Through remote monitoring and data analytics, Qmerit tracks equipment condition and forecasts when maintenance is needed to ensure uptime and reliability. Adding proactive services to your operations and maintenance offering opens up a new revenue stream for your business.

comprehensive coverage@2x
Comprehensive Coverage

Qmerit assumes full responsibility for all maintainable parts on your customers’ EV chargers.

Ensuring Uptime & Protecting Your Customers' Investment

Your customer relationships go beyond the initial sale. To build brand loyalty, it’s also vital to help them realize continuous returns on their EV charging investment. Our charger maintenance services offer your commercial customers an array of benefits that position you as a trusted partner on their electrification journey:

optimaldriver experience@2x
Provide an Optimal Driver Experience

Today’s EV drivers won’t put up with a bad charging experience. For your commercial customers, maximizing charger uptime helps to attract and retain tenants, residents, employees, customers and guests.

nevi compliance@2x
Maintain Compliance with Uptime Requirements

Your customers who receive government or utility funding to offset their charging outlay typically face stringent uptime requirements. For example, the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program mandates 97% uptime. Qmerit helps your customers meet these standards.

Ensure Safety for All

Partnering with Qmerit means your customers’ chargers are maintained by qualified, licensed electricians who meet the highest standards for safety and service quality. Unqualified workers attempting to provide electrical services risk electrical shock—or worse.

charger comfort@2x
Create Comfort with Chargers & EVs

Most of your customers will be buying chargers for the first time and may feel overwhelmed by the unknowns. Put those worries to rest while promoting overall EV adoption, since concerns about public charging availability are the biggest reason drivers elect not to go electric.

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Why Partner With Qmerit?

Qmerit is leading the charge in electrification—the shift away from fossil fuels to a more sustainable, resilient, electric-powered future. We’re accelerating the energy transition by making the switch to EVs and other electrification technologies easier for all stakeholders, including EVSE OEMs, CPOs and your customers.

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Industry Leadership

Qmerit is the customer satisfaction leader and most trusted installer of EV charging and other electrification technologies. Our contractor network is the most experienced, having completed over 269,000 charging installations.

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National Network

Every Qmerit-certified electrician is licensed, insured and carefully vetted. Our contractor network covers 80% of the U.S. and Canada, offering unmatched reach to ensure rapid response for your commercial customers.

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Trusted Partner
to OEMs

Qmerit is the trusted installation and maintenance partner to top EVSE brands. We’re also the home charging installer most recommended by automakers.


Expertise Across
EVSE Brands

Qmerit’s certified electricians are trained on every brand and model of EV charger they service. Through our exclusive web-based contractor resource center, we can rapidly train and certify our workforce on your unique solutions.

How Can Qmerit Help Your Customers Maximize Their Charger Investment? Talk To An EV Charging Expert.

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