Meet Our Visionary Team

Virginia Picazo

VP, Software Engineering
Virginia Picazo is Vice President of Software Engineering at Qmerit, renowned for her ability to enhance software quality and customer satisfaction.
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Virginia’s skilled leadership and innovative strategies have been crucial in driving engineering operational efficiency and elevating product quality. Since joining Qmerit in 2018, she has played a key role in developing strategies to improve customer adoption and establishing a culture of quality within the organization. Virginia leads a diverse team of professionals spanning software development, quality assurance, and DevOps engineering. She effectively oversees Qmerit’s Software Development Lifecycle, ensuring that engineering processes align with the company’s dynamic delivery requirements.

Prior to joining Qmerit, Virginia held significant roles in software engineering and quality assurance at notable companies including FileNet (now part of IBM), AOL, Indymac Bank, and Stretto. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from California State University, Long Beach.