Turning Over a New Leaf – Qmerit Partners with Nissan to Make Level 2 EV Charging for the LEAF More Accessible

- 10/27/2021


The Nissan LEAF has been on the market since 2011, and since its first all-electric car came off the assembly line, a lot has changed. Over the next decade, not only has the public’s attitude towards electric vehicles (EVs) changed, but also the technologies used for their production and maintenance.

The 2022 LEAF is the epitome of innovation, equipped with the best safety features, an improved infotainment system and practical functionalities like a push-button start. One of its more radical upgrades involves the LEAF’s battery technology. It has a better driving capacity with multiple battery options to accelerate quicker, drive farther and charge faster. The standard 2022 battery provides 147 horsepower, and the LEAF Plus model offers 214 horsepower, a major improvement from the 107 horsepower of the 2011 model.
But as with all EVs, it’s still paramount to plug in the LEAF when it’s not in use. That’s where Qmerit comes in. Drivers need access to efficient chargers to ensure convenience and maximize the capabilities of the EV. That’s why Nissan is partnering with Qmerit to help customers install a 240V charging system in their homes. This type of charging system is called Level-2, and it makes charging more efficient, filling up the standard LEAF battery in just eight hours.

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How Qmerit fits in

Qmerit’s mission in this partnership is to enable Nissan’s electric cars to exhibit 100% performance. With Qmerit’s Level-2 charging station installation assistance, more Nissan customers will be satisfied knowing that their LEAF can get them where they need to go in no time.
Qmerit is constantly working to establish partnerships with major car manufacturers to make the EV transition for users as convenient and advantageous as possible. With certified electrical contractors ready to complete the installs, the process is simple and reliable.

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