Qmerit Partners with Utilities to Accelerate Their Customers’ Electrification Journey

IRVINE, Ca - 10/05/2022

Marking national Public Power Week, Qmerit – the leading provider of installation services for EV charging and other electrification technologies – today announced the official launch of its partnership program for electrical utility companies. The offering, which soft launched earlier this year, helps utilities increase participation in their programs for EV charging, smart panels and other electrification technologies by connecting their customers to Qmerit’s comprehensive installation services.

Utilities can also forecast EV adoption in their service territories and plan accordingly, thanks to Qmerit’s partnerships with automakers, electrification equipment manufacturers and commercial fleet managers. In addition, Qmerit helps utilities develop load-management strategies and increase participation in time-of-use and EV-specific rate programs as well as managed charging.

The goal of Public Power Week is to help “customers and stakeholders understand how they can better engage with their community-owned utility and benefit from all its offerings,” according to the American Public Power Association, which sponsors the annual event.

“Qmerit is helping utility customers benefit from programs for electrification technologies, starting with EV charging installations and smart-panel upgrades,” said Tom Bowen, president of Qmerit Solutions. “At the same time, we’re helping utilities position themselves as long-term partners to their customers for the entire electrification journey – the switch from fossil fuel-powered systems to more sustainable electric technologies.”

The partnership program for utilities leverages Qmerit’s digital services platform and national network of company-owned and certified installer locations – licensed electricians who are insured, background-checked and continuously monitored for safety and service quality. Qmerit’s digital platform integrates with utility websites and marketplaces to offer seamless customer experiences from purchasing EV chargers to accessing incentives and financing options to scheduling installation.

“Our partnership is creating a center of gravity for utilities,” said Bianca Sloma, director of Utility Solutions at Qmerit. “As society moves away from fossil fuels, or as it diversifies its energy mix, it’s opening myriad avenues for the industry. But it needs a single organizing principle to pursue them all, and that’s what we provide.”

Bowen added that the partnerships leverage Qmerit’s rich history of helping automakers and their dealers connect with car buyers to make EVs easier and more affordable.

“We have best practices to share with the utility industry as it becomes more customer-centric and relevant to society’s energy needs,” said Bowen. “It’s exciting to see how different sectors of the economy are coming together and learning from one another to make the transformation around electrification not only easier but also something that can meet its promises when it comes to our planet and our communities.”

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Qmerit is North America’s leading provider of implementation solutions for EV charging and other energy transition technologies, simplifying the adoption of electrification for residential and business markets. Qmerit’s value-driven services are delivered through a network of company-owned contractors, independent Certified Solutions Partners, and Certified Installers skilled in system implementation and integration. For more information, visit https://qmeritstaging.com/, and connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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